We are a family-run farm. We farm our 40-acres of Chardonnay grapes, Italian blend olives, and other fruits with great respect for the land, for our customers and all who work with us. We aim to produce exceptional fruit and products, guided by sustainability, industry best practices and a genuine love for our special piece of land.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Italian blend of Frantoio, Leccino, and Pedolino olives creates a fresh, peppery and robust extra virgin olive oil, great on salads, for dipping and other uses. We harvest and cold press immediately, creating a fresh oil rich in healthy phenols. Our oil received the highest extra virgin rating and is certified extra virgin.

Available seasonally at select boutiques. Also available wholesale in un-bottled bulk quantities and by the case. Please email info@scopusvineyard.com for more information, or join our Olive Oil Club

Certified extra virgin by Applied Sensory, LLC


Located at the top of Sonoma Mountain in a region known for producing superb vintages, Scopus Vineyard has been in production for almost 20 years. The vineyard’s gently sloping hills and Goulding cobbly clay loam soil sit just above the fog line, offering plenty of sunshine and cool evening temperatures, perfect conditions for Chardonnay.

Farmed for many years by the renowned and beloved viticulturist Ulises Valdez, the vineyard is currently under the expert management and care of Valdez Vineyard Management, a team equally committed to high standards of farming and a leader in the Sonoma County grape grower’s sustainability movement.

Our Chardonnay grapes supply well-known wineries in Napa, St Helena, Berkeley, and nationwide. The expert vintners at these wineries consistently earn high rankings for the wine they make from our grapes. Appellation: Sonoma Mountain

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Fosters long-term partnerships with premium vineyard sources throughout Napa Valley where growers are passionate about their approach to farming. These vineyards are hand-selected for their health, superiority and exceptional fruit quality

Covenant (Kosher)

Covenant Lavan wine is made from grapes grown in a small vineyard on Sonoma Mountain. Jeff began working with this vineyard—called Scopus--back in 2010, when he made some Chardonnay for the vineyard’s owners. He liked the wine so much, that he decided to make Scopus Vineyard the core of our Lavan program the next year. The wine is rich in mineral and citrus flavors and reminds us of what great white Burgundy tastes like!

City Winery

Seek the most expressive and world-class fruit for our customers. “We take great pride in sourcing our grapes from some of the finest vineyards in the world.”

The Land

We are blessed to be located in one of California’s premier growing regions, with fertile soil and a beneficial microclimate. We are also in an area of rich California history. Our farm, along with the surrounding hills, once served as grazing land for Berkeley Farms creamery, established in 1910. We are near the traditional boundary of the Native Californian Coast Miwok, Southern Promo and Southern Wappo territories. We recognize their stewardship of the land. Down the road just a few miles, Jack London established his beloved farm and abode over a hundred years ago, writing books and stories creekside. We hope you enjoy the products from our farm.

Sustainability and Certifications

As a sustainable family run farm, we hold the following certifications.

Sustainable Sonoma
UC Davis Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Certification

UC Davis Master Milling Certification
Fish Friendly Farming
Certified extra virgin by Applied Sensory, LLC

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